Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Last Monday we put our super cute little house on the market, and yesterday we got an offer which we took! (WOW that was fast). So everything is a little crazy at the moment, We have decided to move into my mums house for a few months to save a bit more cash, for our brand spanking new pad :P It is going to be a little strange living with my mum again, i can tell you that! 
This is going to our second house together when we eventually find something. I mean something comes about that you like and*click* its gone in seconds, it is so frustrating. But all in all, we are looking forward to having a garden and more space,(and a little puppy-shhhhh. OH i am excited for that). 
Hopefully once we are settled into a new house, all the makeup bizz will have a bit of a kick start, of course i will keep everyone updated.

Happy Hump Day :)

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