Sunday, 20 July 2014

Getting healthy

This is the week I start to eat more healthy. At the moment i have been eating way to much sugar and just general rubbish food, which is making me feel like a hot air balloon that's about to take off! I will be drinking much, much, much more water (mainly with lemon in, because i love the taste) and eating more fruit through out the day. Also I usually cut out a lot of white carbs, because it makes me tired and its hard to make it through the day. I have never ever ever been one for crash dieting or an sort of extreme dieting, I like to do it the old fashion way. Keep to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, not over eating and exercising the right amount. Not only do I want to feel better about myself everyday, but my sister actually gets married on Saturday so i want to feel my best. (I mean i know it's a week away but it's a start!!!)

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