Monday, 18 August 2014

3 main obsessions

Currently i have three major obsessions, which include: miniature dachshunds, all things bohemian and clean eating. I feel like these things are going stick around for a very very long time. 
We are planning on getting a dog when we move into our new house(eventually) And I am ever so excited and desperately want a miniature dachshund! They are just the cutest little pooches EVER... Where the bohemian craze comes into to play though, I have always loved the patterns and colours that are worn and the jewerelly is just magical and so mystical. See I have always been a bit of a hippy girl at heart :)
But finally I am trying ever so hard to stick to eating clean and getting healthier, so I start to feel more alive every day. It's coming on slowly with a few slip ups here and there, but I'm taking every day as it comes and not worrying if I do slip up now and then. Anyway happy Monday all

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